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Let's Celebrate with a Discount!

03 July 2017 22:58

To celebrate our A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Editors Pick Natural Beauty Award for our Clarifying Lotion with Green Parenting Magazine we would like to say thank you by offering you a MASSIVE 50% off until 14th July.  Click here to shop

The skin:genius products don't hide or masque any of the symptoms they work with the skin and mind making you look and feel so much better.  

The Leave On skin:genius Clarifying Lotion is packed with natural ingredients and it works naturally to help you banish the bacteria that causes acne and spots, reduce oil whilst soothing inflamed, infected pores leaving your skin feeling clearer and smoother. The ingredients work together on the skin’s surface and deeper in the top layers of your skin to bring immediate relief and longer-lasting results.

With powerful ingredients such as Calendula, Oregon Grape, Yarrow, Nettle, Roman Chamomile and many more that help to kill the bacteria, speed the healing of the skin so that your spots don’t last as long and your skin can clear, reduce inflammation, calm redness in the skin and soothe sore, swollen spots, as well as being soothing, calming and a perfect partner for sensitive skin too.

Apply one pump to the affected area and leave to soak in.  That is it.  Easy.

Use at night as you will get maximum benefits as no other interruptions.  It can also be used in the day.

Go on give it a try - with 50% off you would be mad not to!  Enter AWARD50 at the checkout to receive 50% off.