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If you’re wondering why your skin is behaving as if you’re a sixteen-year-old, you’re not alone. Adult acne is common, affecting nearly 55% of the adult population (Source: Dermal Institute).

Just when you begin to feel like you’ve got your life together, here come the breakouts you thought you left behind with your adolescent years. Surely spots aren’t meant to happen while you’re trying to lead board meetings, bring up a family or be very busy and important?

Unfortunately, being an adult doesn’t make you immune to breakouts. Acne can continue into adulthood due to a variety of potential triggers. These are mainly hormonal imbalances and can be aggravated by a combination of dietary factors and stress.

The thing is: When you’re a teenager, your hormones naturally fluctuate as a result of puberty. But when you’re an adult, your hormones fluctuate because of menopause, pregnancy, and factors like stress and inflammation. Sport, frequent flying, and extreme environments can also bring on the spots.

Harsh acne treatments can end up doing more harm than good. They can exacerbate the problem and bring on unwanted side effects like itching, redness, flaking, and sensitivity.

Most people go wrong by stripping the skin of oil by over-washing with harsh chemical products. Adult acne isn’t only an oil issue. It’s also an inflammatory one and requires a more sensitive approach when treating your skin.

First, know why you’re breaking out.

If you’re female, the most common cause of adult acne is driven by hormonal fluctuations that happen during menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause. As the levels change in your hormones, your skin gets oilier, clogging your pores and resulting in breakouts.

For both men and women, there is a common factor affecting both: stress. As you get older, balancing work, family life and finances isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Stress triggers a rise in hormones and amps up your adrenal glands, causing your skin to break out as if you were in high school again.

The good news?

There is a way to take back control of your skin.

Firstly, be aware of the products you’re using at the moment — from shampoo, facial wash, and soap. These products could contain chemical ingredients that lead to your skin becoming inflamed and irritated.

Your lifestyle may also be a factor. Late nights consisting of takeaways and alcohol will have an effect on the state of your skin. And if you’re sporty, sweat can provoke breakouts and clogged pores, so you want to be sure you’re following a daily routine to keep your skin free of bacteria and dirt.


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