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Our 3-step multi-award winning skin:CARE routine is specifically formulated for anyone with breakouts, spots, blemishes and acne-prone skin. The products are easy to use and suitable for all ages.

Your skin is a living, breathing, self-renewing genius and the natural and organic active ingredients have been carefully chosen to work together, delivering positive results you can see and feel. 

To achieve maximum results, use these three products together. We don’t believe in overnight miracles but we do believe in the power of nature.  Couple this with commitment and patience in your daily routine, you will soon see and feel positive results that are confirmed by the many reviews we receive from real people who achieve real results.

Our advice is always the same:

CleanseTreatHydrate and the most important part, REPEAT.  Remember it takes time for your skin to adjust, so consistency is key.

Start your skin:genius journey today!

Step 1: Cleanse and clean skin effectively

The foundation to your daily skincare routine is to cleanse and clean your skin. Our highly effective and gentle daily cleansing face wash, is specifically formulated to reduce and prevent spots, breakouts and oily skin.  

Use twice daily to deep cleanse pores getting rid of unwanted bacteria, dirt, dust, dead skin and make-up without over-drying the skin.

Each bottle is bursting with organic and natural botanicals including Red Clover, Witch Hazel and Calendula. By using ingredients that are proven to control bacteria and mimic the sebum in your skin this will reduce overproduction of this oily substance and your skin will feel super clean and soft.

Your skin will feel energised and fresh, looking brighter with a more even skin-tone.

Step 2: Treat to prevent and reduce spots & breakouts

Our award- winning, maximum and fast-acting treatment gel is designed to target the bacteria that causes spots, breakouts and acne-prone skin.

Loaded with Oregan Grape, Nettle and Roman Chamomile, these natural actives are high in antioxidants that will protect and soothe inflamed skin, reduce redness inflammation. This light leave-on gel will bring a more even skin-tone and texture delivering results you can see and feel.

Easily absorbed into the skin, it’s quick and easy to use. This powerful and fast-acting treatment gel will soon be your secret weapon.  Let the magic begin.

Step 3: Hydrate and soothe

Calming and light, our balancing moisturiser is packed with Macadamia, Brazil and Calendula bringing a powerful blend.

The carefully chosen ingredients used are bursting with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins A, E, K and minerals all work together to bring a visible radiance to the skin. This soothing moisturiser will help to heal and protect the skin, giving long-lasting hydration and nourishment.

Combined with the naturally collagen boosting ingredients Babassu and Hazelnut, this cream will help to aide in skin recovery, minimise redness and scarring, boosting skin tone and texture.

Easily absorbed, this calming and effective moisturiser will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, with a bright and lifted glow.

Bonus Time: Zap spots fast!

Target spots instantly with our easily absorbed, maximum-strength fast-acting gel several times a day.

Use this zapper is a direct hit onto individual spots or breakouts as Agrimony, Yarrow and Ribwort target and immediately get to work to reduce size, redness and inflammation.

Keep this emergency bottle with you at all times, ideal to keep in your pocket, make-up bag, gym bag or desk drawer.

 Maximum results are achieved using all four products together and
incredible results are achieved when used on their own. 


Restore Skin Confidence