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How did SkinGenius evolve?

Having suffered myself with acne in my teens, early adult years, having 2 ‘preenage’ boys and spots creeping back in as I approach the menopause, I believe we all deserve to have the best natural products that work and the right to feel good about ourselves, whoever we are.

Are they just for teenagers?

No. SkinGenius has been specifically designed for anyone with acne, spots or breakouts and is suitable for teens, young adults and adults.

Do I need to use cotton pads with any of the SkinGenius products?

No!  They are all easy to use.  One pump onto the face or affected area – no fuss, no mess, no waste.

How many people suffer with acne?

80% of teenagers will develop some form of acne, typically on their face, neck, shoulders and back and 40% of adults suffer with some form of acne.

How often should I use the Leave-On Purifying Gel?

For maximum results, use both am and pm.  Definitely at night, as you have no other interferences and in the morning prepping your skin for the day ahead. This award-winning powerful and fast-acting leave-on gel, absorbs into your skin giving immediate relief, reduces redness and smooths skin-tone.  Quick and easy to use it can also be used as a spot-on direct hit - this is your secret weapon.  With the qualities of Oregan Grape, Nettle and Roman Chamomile, these all help to heal and regenerate skin cells which fight and prevent the bacteria that causes acne, spots and breakouts.  Let the magic begin…. 

Can I use the Leave-On Purifying Gel on under make-up?

Absolutely!  For a couple of reasons.  This product is designed to be left on the skin to achieve maximum benefits and it is your best friend as a make-up primer.  Apply a thin layer to cleansed skin and let it dry (about 30 seconds).  Apply your make-up as normal, this will help prevent oil and shine coming through, ensuring make-up looks last longer.  Whether it be a day at work, school or a night out, this light gel will help prevent spots and irritations.  Chloe Keenan the winner from Britains Next Top Model, still uses and loves SkinGenius as it keeps her skin clear and gives a perfect complexion.

How long will the products last once opened?

They will last up to 12 months.

Can I use the SkinGenius products independently or do you have to use them together?

You will achieve amazing results using them together and you can also use them on their own.  

Can I use these products under make-up?

A definite – yes!  We have had superb feedback saying that the Leave-On Purifying Gel 'acts as a great base for make-up’ reducing shine and your make-up lasts longer.

Can SkinGenius be used with Acne Rosacea?

Yes.  Through customer testimonials, they are happy to, at last of found a product that is kind, gentle and works.

My son is 11 and has pimples on his cheeks, can he use the products?

Yes, ideal time to try (!) and get him into a routine.  Start with the wash and use both am and pm.

Do you have an exfoliator?

No.  If you rinse the wash off with a facecloth this will give exfoliation.  If your skin is sore and inflamed, just rinse with warm water.

How long does it take to use the products?

Using the 3 products takes less than 3 minutes – easy and no excuses allowed!

Can I wear the products in the sun?

Yes but they do not contain any SPF.  It has been proven with clients that by applying the Leave-On Purifying Gel under your sunscreen, this will help to prevent spots and heat rashes.

Can I shave using SkinGenius?

The Face Wash is fantastic to use as a shaving foam.  The silky foam will let your blade will glide with ease.  The wash contains ingredients that will instantly calm and soothe the skin – a double win!

How long will my products last?

If you use them every day both am and pm, they will last you approx 8 weeks, maybe longer.

Have you won any Awards?

We have won a total of 10 awards and have just been shortlisted for another – fingers crossed!

Do you test your ingredients or finished products on animals?

No and we never will.

Do I wash the Leave-On Purifying Gel off?

The clue is in the name.  No.  You apply ½ to ¾ pump over the affected area and LEAVE it to soak in. This will only take around 30 seconds.  Any longer and you’ve used too much product.

Does SkinGenius contain any chemicals?

No.  SkinGenius contains no SLS, harsh chemicals, parabens, fragrance or petrochemicals. 

What scent can I smell in the products?

The only scent is from the natural and organic ingredients used.

My skin is clearing, shall I keep using the products?

Yes definitely.  The ingredients used will fight and prevent the bacteria that causes acne, spots and breakouts.  The ingredients are extremely powerful yet kind at the same time.

What else can I do to help my skin?

Making healthy food choices and being aware of how foods make you feel will make a difference.  Fresh air, exercise, sunshine and taking time out will bring calm and give you that ‘feel good factor’.  Trying not to get stressed and getting a good nights sleep will all help.

How quickly will I see or feel a difference by using SkinGenius?

People say they can see and feel a difference overnight which is fantastic.  A great way to see your progress, is to take a photo before you start using the products and again in 4 weeks (set a timer on your phone).  Using the SkinGenius products daily you will see a difference.

What routine should I follow?

Cleanse : Treat : Hydrate : Repeat

Why should I spend more money on skincare?

Simple - because your skin works hard and deserves it.  SkinGenius has been specifically designed to deliver positive results.  By using a high quantity and quality of proven, natural and organic ingredients that work with your skin you will see and feel a difference straight away.

Will there be more from SkinGenius?

Oh yes!!  Our journey has just begun and we are glad that you are a part of it.  Stay with us and watch us grow….

What will your next range be?

We have lots going on behind the scenes.  What would you like to see?