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Caitlin's Story (Teens/20s)

05 February 2020 17:09

Caitlin suffered with acne for years and struggled on her journey.  Having tried many products and prescribed medication, she was relieved to find that skin:genius not only made a difference to her skin,  it also helped her confidence and happiness as a performing arts student. 

Caitlin's Story

"Dear skin:genius, I've literally tried everything under the sun, from prescribed medications to SO many over the counter products with various different chemicals in them, but skin:genius was the first all natural product I've tried!  It has definitely helped with my confidence, as my skin has always been something I'm insecure about and I use to cry about it a lot, and I'm training in Performing Arts which makes it even worse because it's so much about how you look, but now I feel much happier and much better about myself, I've even switched to a make up brand which is all natural ingredients because I liked your products so much."

"I felt so much happier with Caitlin using natural products as I prefer them myself. I could see her becoming increasingly more confident when out and about and not feeling like she had to apply masses of make-up.  It is lovely to see."
Caitlins Mum