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29 October 2016 17:14



We are so happy and bursting with pride to be winners of the Editors Pick in The Green Parent Natural Beauty Bible this year with our Facial Wash. This is a tough one to win and the products are judged and used by many on the panel. The Green Parent is a very popular magazine found in-store at Sainsburys, Boots, WHSmith, healthfood stores, or on-line. It is always packed full of interesting articles and products – including ours!

Thank you x



Have you noticed that your skin as well that of your friends is more oily? Are you getting pimples under the skin or spots of a varying degree? Around 80% of teenagers will suffer with some form of acne so it's important to start caring for your skin as soon as you can (that includes you too lads!) – so take control of your skin and start a skincare regime today.  Using a facial wash day and night to start with will help make a big difference.   To help you on your way we have put together a 'Back to School' washbag kit for you containing Facial Wash, Clarifying Lotion (a treatment to be used at night for added benefits), a cotton facecloth and a lavender bag to help you relax. All of our products are easy to use so no excuses!

The Facial Wash is just one pump applied to the face and rinse off without or with a facecloth for exfoliation. For the treatment lotion and moisturizer, one pump applied to the face and leave it to soak in. EASY!




Q. I’m in such a rush in the morning, I don’t have time for a skincare routine – how will I fit this in?

A. It will only take you a minimum of 30 seconds or a maximum of less than 2 minutes in the morning. It really is easy. A lot less time than checking messages on your phone and you get amazing results too!

30 seconds – The facial wash is a must with only one pump onto damp skin. Massage in using your fingers or a cotton facecloth for exfoliation and rinse off.

1 minute – One pump (and sometimes a half pump is enough) of the Clarifying Lotion which should be applied to the skin and massaged over only ONCE and then leave to soak in – Do Not Overuse or Over Massage into the skin.

It is quick and easy and you are good to go!

Q. Do I need to use cotton pads with any of the skin:genius products?

A. No! They are all easy to use. One pump, No Junk, No waste, No Fuss, No Spots.

Q. Can I wear the products in the sun?

A. Yes, you can absolutely use these products in the sun and during the summer months, but be aware they do not contain a sunscreen.  Clients have found that it reduces the amount of spots caused by wearing sunscreen if the Clarifying Lotion is applied under their sunscreen. 

Q. What is the Clarifying Lotion – what does it do?

A. This is a Treatment Lotion which has a gel-like texture which should be applied and left to soak in.

It is one of our hardest acting products, full of ‘no junk’ ingredients which work on the surface and in the deeper layers of the skin to fight bacteria and banish spots. You will see your skin calming immediately and will see some longer lasting results within a week.

It will help banish the bacteria that causes acne whilst soothing inflamed, infected pores. The ‘No Junk’ ingredients work together on the skin’s surface and deeper in the top layers of the skin to bring immediate relief and longer lasting results can be seen within a week.

Whether it is teen skin troubles or stress induced spots, let the Clarifying Lotion start to restore harmony to your skin today. You only need a small amount of this product to start with half to ¾ a pump, massage over the skin once and then leave to soak in. If you need more then apply more next time.