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Revision Time!

11 April 2017 14:15

It's that time of year again where GCSEs/A Levels are just around the corner and watching your children revise isn’t easy. We want them to do the very best they can and we want to help them (but we don’t understand anything they are learning – way beyond me!!).   They shut themselves away and get quieter, more frustrated, angry and their spots get worse.

What can we do to help?

Be there, encourage them and let them express their feelings.

Did you know that the average concentration only lasts for 45 minutes!!!   Whilst revision is vital, you must ensure they have a 15 minute break in between, otherwise it can become a pointless task. Within the 15 minutes some good ways to relax the mind and some other top tips;

  • Make sure they take a toilet break
  • Remind them to change the music they are listening to and to keep it low – distraction isn’t needed
  • Texting their friends back is good
  • Ensure there are healthy snacks ready to grab and sugar free drinks available 
  • Make sure they don’t just read, and they write stuff down.
  • Don’t put it off – get on with it . The sooner they do, the better they will feel and have more time to get it right.
  • Start revising at 9am research shows that you are more likely to do all the planned work if you start early. As it gets closer to the evening, there is bigger tendency to get outside.
  • Go through some past papers so you understand how the exams work.
  • Have a good skincare routine. skin:genius is perfect for this and so easy for the boys to use too. Use any or all of the products for clear skin and a happier child.

Think positively - take the pressure off. Following these tips they will get loads of work done, feel great about themselves and still have plenty of time to relax with friends and family.

Happy revision time and good luck everyone!