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Prevent and reduce breakouts, spots and acne-prone skin in 3 steps

Our customers love this simple three-step routine that works. Ideal for teens and adults, skin:genius is easy-to-use and gets to work on spots, breakouts, oily and acne-prone skin as soon as applied. Each bottle is bursting with 100% organic, natural and vegan ingredients that have stood the test of time and are proven to fight bacteria, reduce inflammation and scarring, soothe redness and bring calm without over-drying your skin.  We want you to feel confident and happy in your own skin.

Why Natural Works

Nature is powerful which is why we love to use botanical extracts in our skincare products that have stood the test of time, bringing positive results. skin:genius has been specifically formulated for anyone with troublesome, spot-prone skin. Whilst we don't believe in overnight miracles, we do believe in using organic and natural ingredients that work with the genius of your skin.  

Our customers are proof that skin:genius works in three simple steps.

Super Clean & Bright
Cleansing Face Wash
Calendula, Red Clover & Witch Hazel

Our gentle and effective daily cleansing face wash is bursting with calendula, red clover, witch hazel and lemongrass. These all natural active ingredients give our face wash many healing properties whilst removing impurities, dirt and excess oil, leaving your skin feeling super clean and looking fresh.

Pore Minimising
Leave-On Purifying Gel
Oregan Grape, Nettle & Roman Chamomile

Our maximum strength and fast-acting treatment gel is easily absorbed.  Loaded with oregan grape, nettle, roman chamomile and yarrow, these help fight and prevent the bacteria that causes spots, breakouts and acne-prone skin.  High in antioxidants this gel will protect and soothe inflamed skin, reduce redness and bring a more even skin-tone and texture immediately, bringing you results you can see and feel.

Hydrating & Lifted
Soothing Moisturiser
Babassu, Macadamia & Hazelnut

Calming and light, our balancing moisturiser is packed with babassu, macadamia and brazil and hazelnut, giving your skin long-lasting hydration. Naturally boosting collagen production, minimising redness and scarring and aiding in skin recovery, this soothing cream will leave your skin feeling soft and looking vibrant.

For Teenage Girls

Girls naturally go through puberty before boys, and with the many changes you experience during this time, spots and breakouts are often one of them.

For Teenage Boys

Being a guy and having spots or acne-prone skin is not easy. You may feel self-conscious when you first breakout but don’t worry — there are some things you can do to help.

For Students

You’ve made it through school and into the safe zone, ready for breakouts to become a thing of the past...and then university happens. Surely this doesn't happen to twenty-somethings, right?

For Adults

If you’re wondering why your skin is behaving as if you’re a sixteen-year-old, you’re not alone. Spots are more common than you think, with adult acne affecting nearly 55% of the adult population.


It worked for me

“ I've literally tried everything under the sun, from prescribed medications to SO many over the counter products with various different chemicals in them, but skin:genius was the first all- natural product I've tried! It has definitely helped with my confidence, as my skin has always been something I'm insecure about and I used to cry about it a lot, and I'm training in Performing Arts which makes it even worse because it's so much about how you look, but now I feel much happier and much better about myself, I've even switched to a make up brand which is all natural ingredients because I liked your products so much.”

“ Having tried just about every product on the market, it was with little hope that I tested your skin:genius Purifying Gel earlier this year. It was nothing short of a miracle! From the outset my skin began to produce less oil and the subsequent breakouts were brought under control quickly. Even the dreaded “monthly” breakouts lessened and disappeared more quickly with the use of the Purifying Gel. One of the greatest side-effects of the product is its use as a base for makeup. I have always used powder based foundations rather than liquid as they simply slid off after a few hours, but by using the Purifying Gel as a make-up base in the morning, the make-up goes on evenly and the oily shine is kept at bay until the end of the evening.”

“The facial wash gets rid of my spots and if I don't use it they come back. It smells of lemons which is ok, the foam leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry. It lasts a long time and the moisturiser is not greasy it rubs in well.”

Why do I get spots and breakouts?

Not all spots are created as equal. Many factors aggravate your skin and lead to your breakouts — hormones, stress, genetics, diet and hygiene are just a few. Knowledge is power, once you figure out what you’re dealing with, it’s far easier to treat. Find out how to identify and treat the different types of spots, including blackheads, whiteheads, cystic spots and hormonal breakouts.

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